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Thursday, August 4, 2011


A humble initiative in the global Capacity Building & Development effort

This project is still work in progress. The Corridor  still needs a lot of furnishing to be done.You probably undrstand this is a one man effort. I will  contunue to make this page more resourceful by day everyday. Every library in fact is a work in progress, because it has to evolve eternally. The day it stops evolving, it is no longer a library, it becomes a museum.

The Knowledge Cauldron where something is always cooking in terms of Knowledge,Intellect, and Academics.

Ok .........
 Now select the subject or the source and start veiwing the content. And please do advice us on ways to improve this virtual library. Please spread the word around. Let others also come benefit from the value added content.

Videos of the sessions from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos 2016

Content from Mckinsey & Co.


  Content from Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business School, & other Harvard University Institutions

  Content from  Wharton School ,Knowledge @Wharton

 Content from MIT Sloan Management Review, MIT Sustainability and other MIT Publications

Content from Kellogg School of Management

Content on 



 Great Commencement(Convocation) Speeches

Please Browse Topic wise content

Articles on Digital Technology, Digitisation, Digital Disruption

Economy, Indian Economy, Global Economy, Sharing Economy, and Collaborative Economy

Career Management & Development



Human Resources Management
Change & Change Management

Business Models, Business,Business Management



Venture Capital & Funding


 Data & Big Data

Cloud Solutions

Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence 


Innovation &Disruptive Innovation

Higher Education
School Education Teaching Learning , 


Social Media

Human Psychology & Behavior

Parenting, Upbringing, Early Education for Children


Neurology & Brain,

NASA, Space Technology, Mars Mission,

Social Entrepreneurship,Social Business, NGO,CSR, Philanthropy

Genomics, Medical Science, Medical Research, Life sciences,Meditation, Autism, Alcoholism others,

Articles about GMAT (Preparations,Scores,Others)

Narendra Modi and related videos

Hindu Religious Videos

                               Shyam's Guest Lecture at IIT Kharpur (VGSOM)

Shyam's Guest Lecture at Project Management Institute Hyderabad

Shyam's Keynote address at                 Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University                                               Hyderabad

Universities, B Schools, Grad Schools Global 2014 Rankings 

Top 20 Distance MBA Learning colleges in India

20 most read management articles from our Career Blog

Educational Videos

Born to Learn from Google Education

American School dropouts 03-08

Five essentials of effective Instructional Design ...

Teaching in 21st Century 05-18

Technology in the classrooms 05-18

EdX joint venture by Harvard & MIT 05-20

The Beauty of Pollination 05-18

Powering the Cell mitochondria 05-18

Articles on Education

Articles and news from & about Academic Institutions,Universities globally  View Here

Shyam's articles on Education & Management

Shyam's Articles on Capacity Building & Development

Shyam on wiki . Authored 23  "How to" articles, 8 featured 434 article edits, more than 800,000 page views for the articles and A BARN STAR AWARD

Shyam's article on Silicon India Blog 18 articles more than Seven Million Page Views

How to Apply for U S  student Visa

How to Put Metacognition in Process for Teachers

 How to Impart STEM Education to Your Children

Upcoming Management Institute

Upcoming Technical Colleges in India

The corporate Culture

How to select a University in USA

Forbes Ranking of B Schools 2013

Oprah Winfrey delivers the                 
Commencement speech at Harvard University Class of 2013  

A Swan among the Ducklings